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Some plant. Some water. But God gives our growth.

1 Corinthians 3:6-9

Joyce Dinkins

Joyce Dinkins

Owner and Director of Publishing In Color

“I owe my love of language to my parents—born as poor pickers of cotton and other crops—who envisioned more to life. They migrated from Georgian servitude in the 1940s, carrying hopes for better for me, my sisters, and brothers. They labored to overcome the hardships their parents experienced and made room for us to dream and grow.”

As I shared with host Rasool Berry, when I accepted God’s gift of grace through Jesus Christ, Christian publishing became my goal. In 1987, David C. Cook Publishing recruited me as founding editor for what became the Echoes curriculum I served until 2000, when I also started freelancing. NavPress hired me as a magazine managing editor in 2001 until 2005. In 2006, New Hope Publishers hired me, and I thought I would retire in 2015. But Our Daily Bread Ministries hired me as Our Daily Bread executive editor, and in 2017, appointed me founding and executive editor of VOICES and the Voices Collection until my retirement in 2023.

I now write, edit, and network through my LLC to tell the stories of Black people and other people of color in Christ-centered content. I also consult with pivotal partners who have opened opportunities for me and many others yet on their publishing journey: the Academy of Christian Editors, and the Evangelical Christian Publishing Association.

We’re laboring together to see new leaders and resources that serve to spread the Gospel.


David S. M. Dinkins, Steven Dinkins, Linda M. Washington, Xochitl E. Dixon, Chelsea Jordan, and Brian Allain