“The workshop was more than I expected. I learned so much and met a lot of amazing publishing houses, agents, editors, magazines and amazing guest speakers.”


“I have no words to express how thankful I am that I chose to attend.”


This conference has opened up a significant new door in ministry for me.”


I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. It was very insightful and encouraging. I am confident that the Lord has ordered my steps. And significant relationships and connects are being established as a result of the conference.”


This conference was groundbreaking. It was not only the first of its kind, a much needed gathering of underrepresented writers, but every keynote, workshop, one-on-one, lunch conversation, business card exchange, and photograph taken broke up the soil in my writing that had begun to dry out and harden. I emerge from this conference with fresh soil ready to be tilled and cultivated to bear fruit.”


Every aspect of the conference was a first class experience. The warm, inviting, and informative environment of the conference made me comfortable enough to enjoy and fully experience the plethora of opportunities you provide.”


Thank you for a wonderful conference!”


Attending Publishing in Color was truly a transformative experience. The conference helped to inspire and laser focus my vision by introducing me to people who could help birth my book into the world.”


Words are not enough to fully express the life changing impact that this conference had on me as an up and coming writer.”



It has been amazingly successful and I hope you get the sense that all have been blessed by the conversations.”



For two days, I received the visual and auditory proof. Indeed, it soon became clear from things I saw and heard that there is genuine interest in publishing more ethnic voices.”


The single most encouraging writing fellowship experience of my life. I cannot begin to thank you enough. I was blessed.”



Thank you so much. I’m still floating on cloud nine from this conference.”