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Go, Know, Grow Book Proposal First-Read Critique Service


Go. Complete a standard book proposal with a Publishing in Color (PIC) Go, Know, Grow template. 


Know. A Publishing in Color (PIC) editorial expert will read and critique your completed proposal and suggest next steps. Within an average of 4 weeks of submission, you will receive a big-picture critique with suggestions for your next steps. 


Grow. Use the feedback PIC provides before submitting your proposal to a literary agent, an acquiring editor, a publisher, or another service provider. Then complete your manuscript, or self-publish your book. 



Process for submission 


  1. Writer requests a critique of their book proposal.
  2. PIC will review request and email approval and a request for payment.
  3. Writer completes payment via PayPal Invoice.
  4. PIC will provide access to a template. The template is self-explanatory. No coaching is involved.
  5. Writer uploads book proposal via form accessible on website.
  6. PIC confirms receipt to the client/writer of the manuscript as well as the completion deadline.
  7. PIC editor will anonymously perform the critique service within one month of receipt of manuscript including a first-read, inserting of comments, and providing a first-read summary. There is no contact between the proposal writer and the editor performing the critique.
  8. There are no refunds or rebuttals.
  9. PIC may refer writer to additional services.
  10. The proposal critique is a one-time service and fee. 
  11. Those who want to resubmit for additional writing and editorial services may request recommendations to connect with additional service provider(s) for next steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Who is eligible for this service?

  • Go, Know, Grow is available to registered attendees of PIC conferences. 


Can I use a standard book proposal format of my own for the service?

  • PIC provides the standard book proposal formats we accept for this service.


Do I pay PIC to find developmental editors, writing coaches, book proposal creators, agents, and other professionals?

  • While PIC’s critique of your proposal may suggest developmental editors, agents, coaches, and other professionals for your next steps, you research and contract them independent of PIC. Many of these providers participate in our conferences.


Is there a payment plan available? Do you accept cash or checks?

  • The one-time fee for PIC’s service is payable in advance to PIC at our site.


PIC gives scholarships to attend PIC the conferences; are there scholarships for the proposal critique service? 

  • The proposal critique is not a scholarship service.


What literary genres does PIC serve?

  • PIC provides proposal critiques primarily for adult fiction and nonfiction genres, children’s, and young adults’ literature.


Do you critique proposals for all subject matter?

  • PIC reserves the right to recommend other providers to work on content that does not align with our statement of faith.


Do you accept proposals for books based in other faiths?

  • PIC focuses on serving ethnically diverse writers in the development of Christian content, and reserves the right to recommend other providers to work on content that does not align with PIC’s statement of faith.


What is the timeframe for critique completion after PIC’s receipt of my proposal?

  • The expected timeframe for completion of proposal review is within one month of proposal submission, based on receiving a completed proposal that includes all of the required elements as indicated in the proposal template.


Is there a deadline for submitting my proposal to PIC, and for completion of the critique?

  • We recommend completing the proposal within one to two months of payment for the proposal critique. The expected timeframe for completion of our proposal review is one month following receipt of your completed proposal.


How many reads of the proposal are included? Can I resubmit the proposal?

  • The first-read critique requires a one-time read by an editorial expert, in order to provide critique and comments. Resubmission of a proposal may be provided on a case-by-case basis, but for additional charges.


Where do I find content developers to contract for other help?

  • Many expert professionals, including those who are part of PIC conferences, can be researched at and through our conferences. When you choose to contract with proposal developers, ghost writers, and developmental editors, PIC disclaims any liability for their services.

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