Kimberly R. Lock, affectionately called Kim, is a dynamic speaker, author, and teacher. A successful entrepreneur and CEO, Kim is passionate about helping women heal, forgive, and find their God given purpose. In 2018, Kim launched an intergenerational movement and conference entitled Woman 2 Woman where she empowers and motivates women to believe that they are unstoppable, regardless of what has happened in their lives.

Kim’s passion was fueled by her own testimony of growing up knowing who her father was but being painfully aware of his choice not to be present in her life. Kim believes that two things helped her become the woman she is today: Making the choice to dedicate her life to her first love, Jesus Christ and courageously picking up a pen. Once Kim realized the freedom that comes with sharing her story and writing her first book entitled, Who You Callin’ Silly? How a silly woman becomes virtuous, she went on to author several other books. When she learned that her then publishing company would no longer provide publishing services, she acquired the rights to all of her books and decided to launch her own publishing company, KRL Publishing. This decision unexpectedly created a space that would allow others to experience the same freedom through writing. To date, KRL Publishing has guided and supported many authors on the journey of turning their ideas and stories into life impacting books and is also the publishing company that services the nine books authored by Kim.