Keynote description: Writing has been a part of my life for many years. When I became a writer, I didn’t do it for others; I did it for myself. My goal was to record the hidden intangibles that seemed to await me each morning when I opened my eyes. Words are powerful, and when I began my journey as a writer, I had no idea that my words would leave the confines of my own little life and impact lives globally. In my session, the inspiring writer will learn the importance of taking the treasures within, bringing them out for others to see. They will see the value one can offer the world through the printed page.


Melva L. Henderson, a John Maxwell Top 100 National Leadership Award Nominee in 2015 and 2018, is all about impacting and changing lives. She is President and Founder of Melva Henderson Ministries, World Bible Training Institute, World Ministerial Alumni Association and Co-Pastor of World Outreach & Bible Training Center, Inc. Melva also travels the globe teaching and training leaders, developing the life and faith of believers worldwide.

Melva is the author of The Faith Life Series as well as the daily devotionals, Fresh Baked Manna Volumes I and II. She is also a columnist for Just Between Us, an international women’s magazine.

Melva is the Wisconsin State Director for The Daughters for Zion, a prayer network under Christians United for Israel (CUFI). She is the host of Discipling the Nations radio and television broadcast as well as the host of Joy in Our Town, a television broadcast on TBN. In 2007, Melva established The Little Feet of Mexico and The Milwaukee Give, both humanitarian efforts aimed at providing food, shoes, and clothing to those living in poverty. To help meet the financial responsibility of these efforts, in 2014, The Melva Henderson Foundation was created. Through these mediums, Melva Henderson Ministries has been afforded the opportunity to help more than 45,000 individuals.

Melva is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training College and holds an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity for her years of humanitarian efforts and leadership training. She and her husband, Ervin L. Henderson, are parents of 5 (including in-laws) and grandparents of 3.