Micaiah James Young is a gifted man passionate about life, ministry, and the advancement of persons overcoming hurt and loss in pursuit of victorious living. Micaiah Young has given himself completely to discovering his true purpose for being. In the process of this journey to self-discovery, he has not withheld the wealth of experience, knowledge, and uncanny wisdom he has gained along the way.

Whether it is preaching or teaching in a ministerial capacity or sharing as a motivational speaker or workshop presenter, he has captivated audiences of all ages with his charismatic message and liberating testimony. As an author, his transparent approach to ministry is definitely evident is his book Made in His Image but His Shadow is all I’ve Seen, a book that is in demand throughout the world as it addresses the issues of fatherlessness, forgiveness and personal triumph.

He earned a Bachelors of Arts degree as well as a Masters of Divinity, yet his greatest accomplishment, as he would say, is being a servant. He is the devoted husband to Lady Audia and doting father of Hannah Grace and Micaiah James JR.  Micaiah decided at an early age that the man he wanted to see in the mirror would be the epitome of “God’s man.” He has worked tirelessly to be his best at whatever he has put his hands to. He has met every new phase and chapter of his life, no matter how uncertain, with the same level of courage. Success and failure along the way has only provided fuel to continue.