Monday, March 25, 2019

Breakout Seminars A – 11:00 AM

  • Westminster John Knox – Jessica Miller Kelley
    • “Five Things NOT to Say in a Book Proposal” Learn the basics of crafting a compelling book proposal while avoiding some of the common blunders that raise red flags for acquisitions editors. Beyond the obvious missteps like typos and crazy fonts, there are things that might seem positive but actually send the wrong message to prospective publishers. Unpacking these five potential pitfalls, this session will explore many more things to know about making the right first impression for yourself and your book.
  • WordServe Literary Agency – Keely Boeving
    • “Why Do I Need and Agent and How Do I Get One?” Keely Boeving of WordServe Literary offers an insider’s perspective on the agenting process—covering everything from what an agent actually does, how to determine whether you need one, and finding the right fit; to the ins and outs of successful queries and professional proposals that will help you land representation. She’ll also discuss what it takes for clients to work with WordServe Literary, and the types of authors and books they’re currently on the lookout for.

Breakout Seminars B – 2:15 PM

  • Foundry Literary Agency – Roger Freet
    • “The Path to Getting Published: How and Why Editors Acquire Books” What are editors looking for? What is the difference between a major trade publisher and a smaller, boutique house? When will publishers pay a significant advance for a book? Do I need an agent? This workshop will focus on the acquisition process, looking at when a proposal vs. a complete manuscript is required by editors, the roll of a literary agent, and how to best secure a good contract from the right publisher for your work. An overview of the variety of publishing options available to authors will include strategies for creating a proposal that succeeds in getting an editor’s attention, what you can expect when selling your book directly to a publisher, and if/when partnering with an agent is the best choice in order to achieve your goals. There will be plenty of time for a Q&R to follow.
  • Revell Books – Kelsey Bowen
    • “Deep Revision: The Importance of Critical Manuscript Review at Every Stop on the Road to Publishing” Good editors know how to push their authors to become better writers, and good writers know that their writing must be pushed and revised several times to get their content to its final stage of peak effectiveness. In this one-hour session, Kelsey Bowen will address all the stages of revision – from before contract all the way to the last time authors see their work before printer proofs. She’ll lead the group through reasons why revision is critical and provide practical information all writers should have along the way as they prepare the follow the well-trodden path.
  • Fortress Press – Emily Brower
    • “How a Book Becomes a Book” Polishing a proposal and writing your manuscript are huge parts of the publishing process, but what happens to your book after you sign a contract? How does it go from a document on your computer to a beautiful book in your readers’ hands? Who workshops the title, designs the cover, decides how much it will cost, and makes the marketing plan? What can you expect from your publisher, and what can they expect from you? This workshop will walk you through how a book becomes a book from acquisitions to production to marketing, giving you the vocabulary and knowledge you need to understand publishing like an industry insider and advocate for yourself and your project all along the way

Breakout Seminars C – 3:15 PM

  • Our Daily Bread Ministries – Joyce Dinkins (for authors)
    • “Polish and Shine” Make editors and readers swoon when you deliver your written and spoken words. We’ll focus on common writing issues related to big-picture clarity and line-by-line accuracy, to give attendees reliable tools to enhance content. Experience ways to polish your proposal, including your writing samples, to enhance how publishers and ultimately readers receive your messages.
  • InterVarsity Press – Al Hsu
    • “What Makes for a Life-Changing Book?” Why do some books change people’s lives while others don’t? What makes for a truly transformative reading experience? IVP senior editor Al Hsu conducted his PhD research on how emerging adults read, and his findings shed light on the dynamics that contribute to actual transformation. Those attending this session will learn insights from educational theory and hear from readers on how books were life-changing for them.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Breakout Seminars D – 10:00 AM

  • Vine Publishing – Taneki Dacres
    • “From The Mind to The Masses – Kickstarting the Writing Process (Motivation,  Structure and Techniques)” This interactive workshop is for budding authors who have not started the writing process, or who have started writing but have not completed their manuscript. From the Mind to the Masses will provide you with the information, motivation, tools necessary to either start writing, or continue writing your book. This workshop is designed to take you from thought to fruition – from idea to manifestation.
  • Harvest House Publishers – Terry Glaspey, Senior Acquisitions Editor
    • “The Arts and the Spiritual Journey”: a look at how to engage with the arts as a tool for spiritual formation and transformation. We’ll look at how writing, poetry, visual art, music, and film can make us more attuned to mystery, more attentive to what God is saying in the ordinary moments of life, more empathetic toward others, and more courageous in the face of our fears. A powerful message accompanied by some breathtaking visuals.
  • Marketing for Spiritual Writers – Brian Allain, Enliven Your Tribe!
    • “Marketing and Platform Development for Spiritual Writers” Having a “platform” – a community of followers – is increasingly important: both in terms of getting a book published and in selling it. This seminar offers both strategic and tactical recommendations for building your author platform. Marketing is not a dirty word – it is a way for people to learn about how you can help them. (For a more in-depth treatment of this topic, please consider the DigDeeper Retreat – separate registration required)

Breakout Seminars E – 11:00 AM

  • HarperCollins / Amistad – Patrik Bass
    • “Book Publishing 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get a Deal” In this one hour session, Amistad senior editor Patrik Henry Bass will take you through the publishing process from creating a winning non-fictional proposal, selecting the right literary agent for your work, managing expectations through the “deal making” experience, dealing with rejections and setbacks, what to expect from the publisher once your work has been acquired, and ways to expand your platform to reach a wide audience.
  • Steve Hutson – literary agent
    • “So, You Want To Get Published?” Many writers fail in their quest for publication, because they jumped into the restless waters without education or guidance. Publishing is a brutally competitive business, and you should look both ways before you cross this street.
  • Kathleen Long Bostrom – children’s books author
    • “Where Do I Begin? An A to Z Guide to Publishing Children’s Books.” Kathy will discuss questions such as: What is the role of an agent and how do I find one? What’s a query letter? What’s the difference between an editor and a publisher? What resources does an aspiring writer need to know about? The material covered will be geared towards children’s books in the general market, and specifics within the Christian market.

Breakout Seminars F – 4:15 PM

  • Our Daily Bread Ministries – Joyce Dinkins (for editors)
    • “Becoming a Real Editor” Join this question and answer session to learn more about what it means to be an editor. Consider what type of editor you might be–or become. We’ll provide a rundown on editorial roles, day-to-day work realities, and discuss some of the current opportunities in Christian publishing.
  • HarperCollins / HarperOne – Michael Maudlin, SVP and Executive Editor
    • “Case Studies on How Great Writers Connect with Their Audiences”Here we take a case study approach of looking how some great writers strategized how to frame their books so that they not only appeal to readers but have a lasting impact.
  • Self-Publishing – Brian Allain, Enliven Your Tribe!
    • “Why You Should Consider Self Publishing” In this presentation we will discuss how changes in the publishing industry mean that there has never been a better time to consider self publishing. We will review recent and current industry structure, the top 10 reasons to consider self publishing (all the way from tools to economics to platform to sources of assistance), and deal with the concern of legitimacy. We will also consider a couple of examples.

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