“God’s Word (Jesus) is the seed of all new life, represented in these slider-art scenes by the hand dropping the seed into the ground. Some plant and some water; Holy Spirit-led service is required, represented by the graphite drawing of workers in a colorless field. God gives the increase; when our service is submitted to God, the fruit of His labor in us flourishes–represented by the presence of a colorful field and the buds of new growth that reflect God’s presence in His creation.”

—David S. M. Dinkins

Come grow with us.

We serve to grow ethnic diversity in Christian publishing. We strive to remain fruitful in overcoming the scarcity of resources by Black persons and other people of color.

Our network of diverse, professional individuals helps nurture writers, authors, speakers, illustrators, designers, and other communicators to publish Christian resources.

Our conferences refresh participants with encouragement and, through “hands-on” mentoring, help to break up barriers.

Our collaboration and the tools we share help to bring publishing visions to fruition.

We invite you to be part of this growth.

2024 Virtual Fall Conference

Monday – Friday

October 28 – Nov. 1, 2024


Words are not enough to fully express the life changing impact that this conference had on me as an up and coming writer.”



Attending Publishing in Color was truly a transformative experience. The conference helped to inspire and laser focus my vision by introducing me to people who could help birth my book into the world.”


It has been amazingly successful and I hope you get the sense that all have been blessed by the conversations.”